Hartwell Plastics caters mostly to the poultry industry with very little involvement in the textile industry. The full CNC shop is equipped with four CNC lathes, five CNC mills, and one CNC router. Years ago Hartwell Plastics only fabricated plastics, but with changing times many different materials are machined such as: UHMW, HDPE, nylon, acetal, delrin, PEEK, PET, Teflon, fluorosint, polycarbonate (Lexan), stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, cold roll steel, and hot roll steel.
Hartwell Plastics is also eager to get into other industries besides poultry. We can manufacture parts from drawings, PDF files, or the old fashioned way by sending a sample part to measure from.
We fabricate many different parts varying from power transmission for product movement, gears, sprockets, wear strips for conveyors, assemblies for holding the products and assemblies for processing the poultry. All types and sizes of cutting boards, from a simple square to having drop holes and pockets for product placement.